Epithet Raven
Physical Description
Race Believed to be Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Personal Status
Tuyu (梅雨/Tsuyu) also known as Raven is reccuring character in Devil May Cry. He is a young and skilled thief with a mysterious past history.


It is unknown where he hails from. All that is known about his birthplalce is it was inhabited with its prominant race being demons. Another majority of people were angelic and human. Strangely, no demons attacked him or minded him. As a young child, Tuyu trained in physical combat by himself. Later, he also became a master at knife throwing as his accuracy is extremely impressive.

For a time being, after finding out of his believed demonic-immunity, Tuyu traveled to the Demon Realm and stayed their for 4 months where he learned the culture of the Demons and their power. Confused about what his race is, Tuyu seeked the answers to find out whether he was Human, Demon, or Angel. So far, he has not found any answers.

Tuyu later went back to the Human Realm and stayed in Italy for a time being to see if he could ingest angelic powers to see if he was or not an Angel. In his stay in Spain, Tuyu found these special knives. These knives were called the Chakra-Ki.

As Tuyu grew older, he was nicknamed "Raven" for his black outfit and swift movements. As a nomad with no place to live, Tuyu was influenced by the ways of other cultures from his journey. When he reached 17 he had marked most of his training. He became a master knife thrower and blade handler and still trains as his way as a thief.

Physical Description and PersonalityEdit

Tuyu has always has always had the same physical appearance. He is outfit includes a black tight suit that covers his legs and his torso. His arms are visible with black gloves on his hands. He wears a black helm with a silver metal-like hood on it.

Though he is only 17, he works out much, as a 6 pack is shown under his torso covering. On each of his legs there are 3 holsters that hold his Chakra-Ki knives. Not much is revealed about him under his outfit.As he got older, Tuyu trained in various forms of fighting and physical combat styles. Though not cruel in combat, Tuyu is a lover of victory. He is bold and strong. At times, he is very serious and does not joke around.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Tuyu is currently takes the human classes although it is unknown to what species he really is. He has taken on the thief class. Tuyu is all-round swift, silent, and stealthy. With such a furtive spirit, Tuyu has trained much and has taken on the ability of strength. Not as strong as heroes like Dante though.

Tuyu has also took greatly improved training in knife throwing. Tuyu can throw Chakra-Ki at great strength and distances with keen accuracy. With special equipment, Tuyu can modify Chakra-Ki with add-ons such as poisons or fire-starters.