Shade Valentine
Epithet Shade, Val
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 18
Personal Status
Shade Valentine is a reccurring character in Devil may Cry. He is a loner who is currently on a journey to find out what the connection is between himself and Demons. He is neither a protagonist or an antagonist. He recently obtained a legendary sword by the name of Inferno. It has an unknown text written on both sides of the blade, that light up when Shade becomes angry. He was told about the whereabouts of the sword through his dreams and visions.


Even from birth, everyone could tell Shade was no ordinary child. Shade would often stare into space as if her saw something. Raised by his mother, Shade grew up learning and reading about Demons and Angels. As he grew older his study shifted from studing Angels and Demons to just studying Demons, which was his apparent intrest. When Shade turned 18, he started having nightmares and visions of demons, a underground cave containing a blood red sword, and one particular hooded figure. These nightmares and visions became so frequent Shade was pushed to the edge of insanity. One night, Shade had a vision of a blood red sword in a cave, with a dark figure standing next to it. The figure's words were: "Come. Obtain your sword and discover your destiny. Soon you will see, the buried truth lies with me!" Following demonic laughter, the figure disappears. After that, Shade left his home to travel the world, searching for answers to his ever-growing list of questions within. His current location is unknown.

Physical Description Edit

Shade is a very tall, pale 18 year old. He has crimson eyes, and long, shoulder length red hair. Shade wears a long crimson coat with black clothing underneath, black boots, and shoulder guards. He is wearing a pair of gloves that match the color of his jacket. The black clothing underneath consists of normal black pants, a turtle neck sweater and a large stomach guard/belt with two straps forming an "x" across his chest. His boots buckle slightly above his knee.

Personality Edit

Shade is a serious loner. He doesn't play well on teams and thinks he can do everything by himself. He apparently has no sense of right or wrong, as he frequently just does what he wants to, no matter who or what his actions help. He is also cocky at times, seeing no one as his equal. While appearing calm and calculated on the outside, it is evident that there is a much darker part of him, one that is not so easily controlled. Shade enjoys reading poetry, especially the ones from his mysterious black book he is seen frequently with.

Weapons and Abilities Edit