Seven Hells
Seven Hells
Leader Pride
Members Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Envy & Greed
Alignment Demonic

The Seven Hells are an Organization of Incredibly Powerful Demons. They are the Seven Deadly Sins set apon the World by Mundus Personified. They now act as the leaders of an Organization known as the Seven Hells that lead the Demonic War on the Human Realm.


The Seven Hells are an organziation started by the Seven Sins Personified as incredibly powerful Demons. These Demons have their conciousness onto the Demon Realm; this is known as the Temptation which causes Humans to choose the path of the Demon. The Seven Hells have been orchestrating the war on the Human Realm since they were released by Mundus and continue to do so by manipulating the Demons born from their tempatation. They have spread as far as The Order but are much smaller and less well organized Organization when compared to them, even so The Seven Hells military strength is still superior.