Leningrad, Russia
Realm Human
Alignment "Nuetral"(most of the humans shun demons)
Type City

Leningrad is a city in Russia where Demons are civily outcasted by Humanity but is infested with a "Plague".


Leningrad is full of humans. On the outskirts of town there are some demons which were outcasted from the city, lurking about. In the city of Leningrad, the civilians are highly suspicious of any demons and are slightly worried about the plague which has been utterly destroying Bologoye. The city of Leningrad has been rumored to have doctors working on curing the disease somehow, but rumors also carry that the plague might be spreading there too.

Most of the citizens now walk around heavily armed with guns, using them on "suspected plague victims" or "demons". It appears a frenzy of paranoia has beset them.Most of Leningrad has also been having power and electricity shortages, making it seem like they have severed contact with the rest of the country. However, now and then a truck full of canned food or ammo rolls in. It is suspected by some that the city's inhabitants will most likely die of paranoia instead of some plague.