Hellic Empire
Hellic Empire
Realm Human
Alignment Demonic
Type Region (Several Countries)

The Hellic Empire is an Empire within Europe that was named when the Seven Hells seized several countries including; Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and mainly Poland. The Hellic empire enslaves Humans including polictical and war prisoners to make many of those captured into a civilization that degrades humans until they are controlled by the Temptation. It is orchestrated by it's outside nation; Germany.


The Hellic Empire is a large region that was obtained by the Seven Hells main army, this region includes the countries Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Every Human who lived there and their offsprings were enslaved, experimented on and simply ruled over by the Demons. They enslave them to prove Demon supperiority and in order to be transformed into Demons in their later lives. Many of them are sent to Germany after being turned.