Realm Human
Alignment Demonic
Type City

Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is overrun with demons.


Ever since demons have started appearing in Germany, the cities of the country have had them in abundance. Demons now rule the once peaceful and artistic Berlin, and most of them are prejudice against humans-- killing any human they meet on sight.. The population of demons is growing by the day, but they do not simply sit there doing nothing cluttering the streets. The demons of Berlin may have overthrown the previous society which was once there, but they do not deny its existance.

The demons have taken to crafting useful things, living in the homes of the former inhabitants, and living life like any humans might have. They've somehow found a will to settle there, even making their own laws and rules. Still, if any human enters their city that person better have a pretty darn good reason to be there or will immediatly be killed on the spot, and that fact doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.