Allegiance Angelic

Eva is the Human wife of the The Angel Paladin Sparda. She was an active member of the Order before settling down with Sparda, giving her two sons; Vergil and Dante.

After her love ascended to the afterlife, both her and her son Vergil dissappeared, leaving Dante to believe it was the work of demons which drives his entire fight against Demonic Tyranny.


Eva was born and raised in Northern America where she experienced several run ins with Demons. She was raised very religiously to despise Demonic acts and beings and became an active member of "The Order". She whitnessed first hand the rise of the Temen Ni Gru while in Italy and met Dark Knight Sparda

She found him incredibly amazing in the fact he had overcome his demonic heritage and although she was taught to hate him she spent much of her life along Sparda. Eva presented Sparda to the angels who granted him Human life and appearance so he and Eva could live a normal life in love. While settling down from The Order with Sparda, Eva had her first child; Vergil. She was fairly close to Vergil until he grew up and she had her second child on his birthday; Dante.

Eva was much closer to Dante then Vergil due to the way they acted, Vergil was strange and cruel while Dante was lighthearted and kind. On the day of Sparda's ascension to the afterlife, Eva dissappeared along with Vergil, not to be seen to this day.

Physical Description and PersonalityEdit