Cyrille da Nassau

(Cyril Nassau)

Alias Commander Nassau
Race Human
Gender Male
Allegiance The Order
Occupation Field COmmander

Cyrille da Nassau (Cyril Nassau) is a reccuring character in Devil May Cry.

He is a high noblemen of The Order. He is renowned as the central Commander of the Order's Military stationed in Europe. As a French native, he works to confront and stabilize the effort against the Hellic Empire's expansion.


Cyrille was born in France, while it was still the stronghold of Europe. He was raised very religiously and was chosen from childhood to become an Angel in the Future; a phenomenal blessing. Cyrille lost his parents in an Extremest attack on his home church and vowed to join The Order in order to save those who have been taken by temptation, for he feels it is not all their fault and their is good in every person.

By the age of 19 Cyrille earned the Class of Mystic Knight; a final branch of the Swordsman. With this acomplishment he was enlisted as the commander of The European Order, station in his home; France.